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JuMPSTARt 2024

Now is a great time to jumpstart your business. Adding our services is not an expense, it is an investment in your business!


Not only great admin support but you also gain a gifted, intelligent team member with experience in your field.


Our DNA benefits and supports both sides of the equation - serving both our clients and our Virtual Specialists.


Connecting the best Global Talent to your business!

Our Virtual Specialists are highly-vetted, trained and experienced in their chosen skill set.  You will be amazed at the value your business will gain for an incredibly affordable price! 

About Us

Delivering high-quality, affordable, and effective virtual services that remove administrative tasks from your plate, allowing you to work on the things that really move the needle in your business.  We also provide a trusted community, valuable opportunities and above-market compensation for our Virtual Specialists.  

This is our Ethos from the start.  We provide trusted team members that will care as much about your business as you do. And as a preferred client, you are partnering with us to open the world to these talented Specialists.  This is what differentiates us from all other Virtual Assistant agencies.  This is our Why! 

Our Services


Starts at $10/hour​

We handle the admin  so you can focus on your highest-value tasks


Starts at $10/hour​

Businesses fail where there is not a steady supply of new clients


Starts at $10/hour​

Meticulous and thorough web research so your outreach is more effective


Starts at $12/hour

We can engage with your community using your own voice.


Starts at $15/hour

We provide additional, tailored services upon request.

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Our Clients


 In our inital chat, we will explore our full range of services to help you identify your specific needs and the best services to meet those needs. We can tailor the perfect service solution for your business. Click here to schedule a call.

Short Answer. Yes

Long Answer: We’re more than happy to create a tailored plan just for you. Rest assured, our customized packages provide top-notch services at very affordable rates. 

No problem at all! We have a diverse pool of Virtual Specialists with a wide range of skills. If we can find the perfect match for your needs, we’ll make the connection for you.

We have at least three Virtual Specialists in each of our listed service offerings.  You can meet with each of these 3 VSs and choose the one you believe would best fit your company culture and business needs.  This is a unique strategy among outsourcing services! 

Our contracts start with a 3-month minimum and as long as you are satisfied, the contract rolls over for an additional 3 months at the same initial rate.  We will also check in with you at least quarterly to ensure the quality of service is upheld. 

At Naviqus, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are ever dissatisfied, you may cancel at any time (simply pay for the services provided up to the point you wish to cancel). 

We know all of our Virtual Specialists personally.  As well, all of our VSs are vetted through a rigorous onboarding period that includes an initial interview, references, 90-day probationary period and evidence of prior, quality work in their specific niche.  

We are always looking for new, talented Virtual Specialists to join our amazing team.  Click on this link to begin the initial process of learning more about working with us and our specific job requirements.  The bar is high!  We only work with the best! 

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